Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Z Week 11

**Again, there is no picture this week because I'm just too lazy! I'll start doing it again soon because in the next several weeks I will start showing :)**

How far along are you? 11 weeks

How are you measuring? I didn't get measured, or a sono, at my last appointment, but I'm going with that I'm still measuring at 11 weeks

How big is your baby? Right around an inch and a half in length, about the size of a fig

What major developments is your baby going through this week? The baby is pretty much completely formed at this point! The hands will start opening and closing soon, but right now he/she is busy swimming around and kicking like crazy (though obviously I don't feel anything). Bones are beginning to harden, and tooth buds are forming underneath the gums.

Heartbeat: 168 bpm...nice and strong, and music to Mommy and Daddy's ears :)

Total weight gain/loss: According to my scale +3 lbs; according to the dr's scale +1.5 lbs (so we'll go with what the doctor tells me!) In fact, she said she wished I had gained more! I don't know how I hadn't considering all the junk I've been eating.

Maternity clothes: Not yet, but my work pants are starting to get snugger. I'm about to invest in a Belly Band.

Stretch marks: Not yet!

Sleep: I sleep pretty well...and I sleep all the time now! I fall asleep at 7:00, take naps on the weekend, everything that's really unusual for me!

Gender predictions: I still think it's a girl!

What I miss: Route 44 vanilla Diet Coke from Sonic :)

What I'm looking forward to: Spring Break!! It's not really baby-related, but I'm REALLY looking forward to a week off!

How are you feeling: Tired, but still pretty good!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby Z Week 10!

**There's no picture to go along with this post because I don't look any different than last week, and frankly, I was too lazy to take one.

How far along are you? 10 weeks

How are you measuring? Hopefully right at 10 weeks...I go back to the doctor on Friday!

How big is your baby? About the size of a kumquat (about an inch in length), and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce

What major developments is your baby undergoing this week? He's swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm (according to!! Baby's little limbs can bend now! Also peach-fuzz hair is covering the tiny body, and vital organs such as the intestines, kidneys, liver, and brain are in place and starting to function. Nails are forming on the fingers and toes and webbing inbetween should be gone. Every week is so exciting for me to learn what tiny little baby is going through!

Heartbeat: 163 bpm as of 2 weeks ago...I'll know more after Friday!

Total weight gain/loss: +3 lbs

Maternity clothes: Mine all still fit, so not yet! I did order several last weekend because they were on sale for a great price!

Stretch marks: Not yet!

Sleep: I've been sleeping great! Sadly, I do wake up about twice a night to go to the bathroom. Is it only going to get worse from here???

Best moment this week: Finally getting over my cold that had plagued me for a week, and feeling so much better!

Gender predictions: I still think girl. I had another dream that Michel and I had a little girl :)

What I miss: My Sonic drinks that I used to indulge in a few times a week! I bought myself one this afternoon (the first one that I have had since finding out I was pregnant and it was so good!!)

What I'm looking forward to: Everything! My next dr's appointment, feeling the baby move for the first time, and most definitely holding my precious one in my arms in September! 40 weeks is WAY too long!

How are you feeling: Honestly, I feel great! I've been really lucky.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My First Baby Bump(less) Post!

I haven't done a baby bump blog post yet because I don't have a baby bump yet (thankfully)! However, I need to document what I look like before so that I can see the slow growth of Baby Z! I apologize ahead of time that the pictures and text are a little weird. When I type it everything looks normal, but then when I preview/post it it's all changed. I don't feel like taking the time to mess with it, though :)

How far along are you? 9 weeks

How are you measuring? 8 weeks 4 days at our Thursday right on track!!

How big is your baby? According to Baby Z is the size of a grape

What major developments is your baby undergoing this week? So much!! All appendages should be formed, the heart is finishing developing into 4 chambers, sex organs are there but not visible/distinguishable, and all of the organs, muscles, and nerves are kicking into gear!

Heartbeat: 163 beats/minute

Total weight gain/loss: I haven't been weighing myself very consistently - the last time I stepped on the scale it said I had gained about 2 pounds, but I really haven't been sick, I haven't been working out a ton, and I'm not eating all that well right now. So I don't think it's baby weight as much as it is I've kind of let myself go! Oops! I'm really going to try to not go so crazy this week because I do not want to gain 60 pounds at the end of this pregnancy! My goal is 35-40! (Sorry...I got on my soapbox)

Maternity clothes: Nope...all of my clothes still fit!

Stretch marks: None yet!

Sleep: Urrrgghh...between the cold that I'm fighting, and getting up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom it's OK

Best moment this week: Finding out from a prenatal specialist that my uterus looks normal!!! No high-risk pregnancy here!

Movement: Not yet

Food cravings: Anything bad for me - milkshakes, burgers, fries, earlier this week I really wanted some fried chicken!

Gender predictions: I'm really feeling that it's a girl!! I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I had a little girl and I was looking at her from behind and she had the prettiest dark, curly hair ever! I'm not gonna lie though...I do really want a girl. I'll be happy with either a boy or a girl...just want a healthy baby really!

What I miss: Being able to breathe through my nose without medications. Everybody is telling me that this is pregnancy-related, but I really hope it's not! I can't suffer like this for 7 more months! I went on two 30-minute walks today because light exercise clears my nose so well! I've been using the NetiPot and taking my Mucinex and Z-pack as directed. I've definitely gotten some relief but I'm not back to normal! I'm ready to feel normal again!

What I'm looking forward to: My next doctor's appointment 2/22!

How are you feeling: Well, aside from my nasal congestion/cough I'm feeling pretty good! I've gotten nauseous/thrown up about 5 times in my entire pregnancy so I can't complain at all!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Praise the Lord!!

I didn't make this Facebook-official, but I definitely told my close friends, prayer warriors at church, and of course, my family. Last week, I got a call from the nurse at my OB's office saying that they looked at my sonogram (it was done by a sono tech at a different location) and they were afraid that my uterus was a heart-shape which is known as a bicornuate uterus. Being the person I am, I immediately went home and Googled it and was a bit scared to see that it came with a higher risk of miscarriage, and the baby was more likely to be born with a birth defect/malformation/deformity. After continued reading, I learned it's actually a bit more common than what I thought and I would probably just have to have a scheduled C-section a few weeks early. It didn't seem like that big of a deal, but for some reason I REALLY do not want a C-section. I don't know why; I just don't. So anyways, after a week of praying and asking God to make everything OK, and above all just to protect our precious baby and keep him/her safe we went to a prenatal specialist this morning to see exactly what we were dealing with. So I got another sonogram done today and the doctor scanned over my uterus for quite some time before telling us what she was looking for, and that she COULDN'T FIND IT!! Meaning my uterus looked normal! She continued scanning over my uterus and finally said that she couldn't find any abnormalities and that everything looked NORMAL!! I almost cried hearing that! She asked me some more questions regarding my menstrual cycle (has it been really irregular - no; do I have severe cramps during my cycle - no) and she said that those are things that are associated with the bicornuate uterus. So we got a wonderful doctor's report today! And on top of that, we got to see our precious baby again today and hear the heartbeat. It was a healthy 163 bpm. Best. Day. Ever! I hope that it only gets better! I will be going back for a follow-up appointment in about a month just to make sure that everything still looks normal, but I am not going to spend the next month worrying. I will be praising God for the blessings that He's given me, and pray that He continues to protect the health of our precious little one!