Saturday, August 22, 2015

Look Whooo Is 23 Months Old!

I have so neglected this poor little blog! I forgot to do a 22-month thing for Audrey, and even though I'm almost 2 weeks late with her 23-month post, I figure better late than never! Besides, she's changed so much and learned so much in the last 2 months, I want to document it!

I didn't do a picture for this month...I promise, I tried. Little turkey wouldn't hold still for a picture! Plus, there's something wrong with my blog, and my pictures don't show up after awhile. I really need to look into fixing this because I have such great memories on here. It's basically my scrapbook. Plus, I want to start a pregnancy post for baby #2. I've gotten lazy.... Michel and I already knew, Audrey is one smart cookie! In June, right after she turned 21 months old, she was assessed for a speech delay, and didn't qualify. Her expressive language was 3 months behind, but her receptive language (what she understands) was measured at that of a 29-month-old! Anyways, in the last couple of months, her expressive language has really caught up with her receptive language. In June, she was still mainly using one word at a time to express herself. Now she uses more 2-3 word phrases, and a wide variety of phrases. The biggest change we've seen in the way she speaks is that she's adding all parts of the word to it (she did a lot of syllable deletion...all of her "b" words were just "buh" like book, ball, bug, big all sounded like "buh"). She also used to count by changing her intonation, but the word was just "uh" for every number. Now she can say 1-10 fairly understandably. Some of her numbers are much clearer than others (two, three, five, six, eight are easiest to understand). She's still my social butterfly and will say hello to anybody she sees, wave at everybody, and do anything for a laugh! I LOVE this sweet little girl and her silly personality!

Weight/Height: I don't know. We go for her 2-year-old check-up in a couple of weeks. I'd guess 25-26 pounds. No idea on her height other than she's not tall! Who does she get that from???

Clothes: Still mainly in 18m clothes. For pants, she really needs a 24m to accommodate her chubby little thighs (again...who does she get that from??), but 18m are the perfect length for her. She's kind of in that awkward in-between stage of what fits.

Sleep: Her night sleep almost never changes. She goes to bed at 8 and hasn't been waking up until 8 or later in the morning! The last two days, she woke up closer to 8:30, but one day she slept in until 9:30!!! She naps around 1 or 1:30 and only sleeps for about an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. It's not a long nap, but I really can't expect a long nap since she sleeps such long hours at night.

Eating: She's still a great eater! She still doesn't like a cheeseburger. Seriously....what American doesn't love a cheeseburger??? That's about the only food she rejects, though. She loves her fruits and vegetables, and eats them without a complain. Oh, and she's recently developed a love of smoothies. She doesn't drink as much milk as we would like, so this is a great and easy way to get some milk in her.

New Achievements of the Month:
1. Can correctly name her colors (white, black, purple, red, green, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink)
2. Can count 1-10 fairly understandably
3. Says most all of her words very clearly!
4. Has figured out how to climb (eeek!). Luckily, nothing very dangerous. She's not trying to climb out of her crib or anything, but she's figured out how to climb onto our bed by herself, and she's starting to climb onto the couch by herself. I guess I should count my blessings that she's a bit timid, or maybe lazy, about climbing, and still prefers to have someone put her where she wants to be!
5. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of stuff that she's just started doing, but I can't think of everything!

1. "Anna Elsa" (a.k.a. Frozen!). I bought her some little Tupperware containers that have Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on them, and I showed her how Anna and Elsa are on her flip-flops, too. Now, she talks about "Anna Elsa" all the time, and gets so excited when we see clothes, backpacks, etc. in Wal-Mart with Frozen on it!
2. Bubble Guppies
3. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
4. Running in the grass
5. Being outside
6. Music

1. Having anything yucky on her hands
2. Having a boo-boo (she'll randomly point out where she used to have a boo-boo and say "boo-boo ow")

I can't believe we're less than a month away from celebrating this sweet girl's 2nd birthday!!!!