Friday, June 13, 2014

Look Whooo's Getting Older!

This says 8 months, but it should say 9 months. I don't feel like re-editing it. :)
9 months of fun!
How in the world is this baby girl 9 months old already?? She is so much fun, loves being the center of attention and getting a laugh, she is at independent play....until Mommy sits down with breakfast and her morning cup of coffee, and then she suddenly needs a playmate, or a lap to sit in!

On Tuesday, we went for her 9-month well-check (no shots this time!) and we had to fill out a questionnaire about her developmental abilities. She passed it (which didn't surprise us)! After asking some questions about her gross motor skills (her weakest area), our pediatrician came to a conclusion that Michel and I have known all along: our little girl is lazy :) Why crawl to a toy when you can roll? Why cruise around furniture when Mommy can carry you around all day long? She's doing pretty good with her communication and cognitive skills. She babbles, but it still is mainly just with the "bababa" sound. I hear "ga," "da," and "ka" from time to time. We talked to her pediatrician about it, so the first question we were asked were in regards to her hearing which we have no worries about. It's very obvious that she has really impeccable hearing, so the doctor said we wouldn't worry about it right now. We were also told if she's not crawling or cruising by a year old, we might be referred for early childhood intervention. Since I didn't crawl until a year old, and Michel virtually went from scooting on his butt to walking, so I'm really not concerned about her ability to move - especially since she rolls everywhere. Anyways, onto her stats:

Length: 26 3/4" (25th %ile)

Weight: 17lbs 14oz (25th %ile)

Head circumference: 16 3/4" (10th %ile)

Sleep: Audrey takes 2 naps a day. The first is generally around 9:30, and lasts an hour to 1hr 15min, and an afternoon nap that generally goes from 2:00-4:00. She goes to bed around 7 or 7:30, and lately has been waking up around 6:30am. :( Even if I put her to bed later, she's still waking up in the 6:00 hour. I'm trying to accept the fact that 11 1/2 hours is still a good amount of sleep, and that I might have a light sleeper/early morning riser on my hands. I still keep her in bed until 7 in hopes that her sleep might go back to what it was, and she's totally happy just rolling around in her bed, talking, and playing with her feet, so why not give her some time for independent play, and Mommy some time to do whatever she needs to do.

Eating: Ai yi yi....m least favorite category for her! We now only give her 3 bottles a day - one first thing in the morning, one before her afternoon nap, and one before she goes to bed. She usually only eats about 18oz a day, but that's probably because she's discovered how much she likes solid food! She eats about 9oz (or more!) of pureed baby food with a mix of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, etc. She also loves yogurt, cheese, Cheerios, bananas (real ones, not pureed ones), baby puffs, Chick-fil-a fries (just a few crumbs!), and anything else she can get off of Mommy and Daddy's plates. It serves me right because I always wanted food off my dad's plate as a young child rather than eating the exact same food that was on my plate!

Clothes: Still in 6-9m clothes, some 6m but they're getting really snug, and very comfortably in 9m onesies and pjs.

New achievements of the month:
1. Bears weight on her legs automatically when being held in a standing position
2. When being placed in her carseat, she puts her arms through the arm straps, and takes her arms out when I unbuckle her - virtually completely unassisted.
3. Will repeat every action that got a laugh...for days afterwards. Apparently her memory is getting really good!
4. Her ability to feed herself finger foods has vastly improved in the last week! Her pincer grip is getting better and better, as well as her ability to fluidly get food from her hand to her mouth.
5. I don't know the name of the toy, but those toys that pop up when you slide a bar, turn a knob, push a button, etc...she can do really well. Her toy has 5 animals that pop up, and in order to make it work, she has to slide a bar, pull a knob, do a push button, move a lever up, and turn a key. She can do them all except for turning the key.

Things she likes:
1. Food! Hmmm...wonder where she got that love from?? :)
2. Being carried around
3. Playing in her jumperoo
4. Watching Veggie Tales (hey, it's the only way Mommy can get breakfast and coffee in the morning time!)
5. Playing "ball" - me or Michel will sit in the floor and roll a ball back and forth with her. Every time she rolls it, she does her "rolling" hand gesture that she does in Pat a Cake, too! She's a cutie!

Things she doesn't like:
1. Being in her stroller
2. Going to the grocery store
3. Having a desired toy/object taken away from her - she will let you know that she's not happy about it!
4. Having her diaper changed
5. Having her face wiped

I have lots of pictures on my phone and in my camera that didn't have a proper place, so enjoy some random pictures of this cutie! :)

This is how I found her when she wasn't taking a nap yesterday - she untied a bumper pad! In her defense, she had pooped and couldn't sleep, so once I changed her she took a nice long nap for me!

She rolled partially under this entertainment center

She loves her Jumperoo!

We take advantage of any nice days and play outside to break up the monotony of playing inside

Sometimes eating makes her sleepy

Her cute patriotic outfit that she wore on Memorial Day

She loves feeding herself :)
We're only 3 short months away from her FIRST birthday! I can not believe it!