Saturday, December 24, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas!!

If you know me at all, or even just read my Facebook statuses you probably already know that I LOVE Christmas! I love decorating for Christmas, I love cooking special foods for Christmas, and I really love Christmas movies and music! This year was extra special for Michel and me because we got to decorate our new house! Though we didn't decorate as much as what I'd like, we used what we had! I'm hoping to go out on December 26th and buy some more decorations to fill our beautiful house for next year. I'm still happy with this year's decor, though :)

Michel really got into the spirit of decorating this year :)

The stocking were hung...
...over the kitchen countertop because we don't have a fireplace :)

 Our beautiful tree with our wrapped presents

My Christmas bear and presents that I bought from First Monday

Our nativity scene, gingerbread house, and gingerbread train (the Christmas sign should be hanging, but we haven't hung anything yet!)

Much more pictures to come once we get together with the families!!! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our new house!!

Wow, I just looked at my blog, and I haven't updated it since the end of October??! Wow...I didn't realize that I had let that much time pass! I do have good reasoning, though! As most of you know, Michel and I were THRILLED to buy a gorgeous house earlier this fall! We submitted our original bid at the end of September, closed at the end of October, and moved in the weekend before Thanksgiving! So, from the end of October - Thanksgiving I was either at the new house painting, or at our apartment packing. Now that's it's over it was all totally worth it! Don't get me wrong...we still have a TON of work to do to get our house in shape! We have boxes in the garage that need unpacking, and need new furniture to make it a cohesive home...not just a mishmash of furniture (btw...if anyone is really good at decorating let me know! I would love to borrow your talents when we're ready to redo our living room and bedroom if anyone is willing!) But it's been so great being in a house that 3 times bigger than our apartment was. My favorite spaces have been our kitchen and master closet. The kitchen is so big, has an island, and a ton of counter top space for cooking and making my lunches for school! There are no words to describe my love for our master closet. It takes the words "walk-in closet" to the extreme. I can sort our laundry in the closet on the floor, and we still have PLENTY of room for Michel and me to be in there at the same time if need be. I just love being a homeowner! I really feel like a grown-up :)

I LOVE our entry way! We have really high, vaulted ceilings so it makes the entry way feel very grand and large! I also love the tile that the previous owners put in. It's just gorgeous :)

This is a view of the entry way from the living room       

Here are a few pictures of our kitchen, dining room, and walk-in-pantry...I love it all! (Have I mentioned that I love our house?? :)

The laundry room, 2 guest bedrooms, and guest bathroom

The master bedroom, "sitting area" of our master bedroom, and our master bathroom. Please ignore that our bed is unmade, the boxes in the floor, and our walls are blue but our bedding is green. I promise that I have already picked out bedding that will match the walls! It will look fabulous one day in the near future :)

And now...the MASTER CLOSET!!

Pictures really don't do this closet justice! It's SOOOO tall, and has a fabulous shelving unit that was put in by the previous owners!

It's been a busy, but very exciting month for us! Can't wait to add to this house little by little every month :)