Monday, May 16, 2016

Watch Ava Grow - 2 Months Old!!

This sweet baby is already 2 months old!! How is that even possible? Before I know it, I'll be planning her first birthday party....but I'm not ready to think about that yet. I want to keep her a baby for a little while longer. 

Weight: 9lbs 9oz (9th %ile) 

Length: 22 1/2 inches (50th %ile)

Head Circumference: 40cm (91st %ile!!!) 

Sleep: Nap? What's a nap? That seems to be her motto today as I'm writing this. I always tell Michel he's the baby whisperer. He puts her in bed, and she falls asleep without a peep and sleeps for 2 1/2 hours! I put her in bed, and she yells, and is awake 30 minutes later.... 

On a normal day, she naps 4 times a day for about 1 1/2-2 hours between feedings. She sleeps great at night, though! She's up once for about 20 minutes, eats, and goes right back down. I usually have her in bed by 7:30 and she's up for the day between 7-7:30 the next morning. (Edit: as of 5/16/16 when I'm writing this, she's done 2 nights in a row of sleeping for 11 hours straight, eats quickly, back in bed for about an hour to an hour and a half, and up around 7:30 or 7:45!!)

Eating: She generally eats 3-4oz every 3 hours during the day; 4oz when she's up at night.

Clothes: She comfortably fits into 0-3 month clothes

New Achievements of the Month:
1. She smiles at us!! She's not nearly as free with her smiles as what Audrey was (especially at this age), and sometimes you have to work hard to get one, but when she smiles at you, it takes up her entire face and is the most precious thing EVER!!!
2. She's found her fist to suck on. I still can't decide if she'll be a thumb-sucker like Audrey, or need a pacifier (or maybe neither!), but she can get her fist in her mouth and will chew/suck on that when needed. 
3. She's getting better at riding in the car. It's more common now for her to ride quietly in the car than cry/scream! I'll usually ask Audrey if she's asleep or awake, and most of the time, Audrey tells me that Ava is asleep. I love having my little toddler babysitter back there to tell me what's going on!
4. She has discovered that she can control her hands! It's hilarious!! She'll sit there and watch her hand move and the expression on her face is just like, "Whoa......"
5. She can put herself to sleep from completely awake. I taught Audrey this skill early on, and I think it helped her to stay a good sleeper! Hopefully the same is true for Ava!
6. She can track things really well

Things She Likes:
1. Being held - if she fusses or cries while being held, it means she needs something (usually to eat). Otherwise, being held pretty much fixes everything for her. 
2. Audrey - she cranes her neck to find Audrey when she hears her voice
3. Sleeping on Daddy's chest - I call Michel the "baby whisperer". He lays her on his chest and she's out in like 3 seconds!

Things She Doesn't Like:
Napping - :-(

Other Randomness:
She's having the same head issues that Audrey did - torticollis (stiff neck), only looking one direction, etc. We're being referred to a plastic surgeon to make sure that the sutures in her head aren't closing too early because her head is taking on an elongated look (again....just like Audrey), and we'll likely be starting physical therapy for her torticollis. I've already started doing the neck exercises like I did for Audrey. Good grief - we seriously just had the exact same baby!

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  1. She is absolutely precious! Being like her big sister is a great thing! Hopefully, the head/neck issues will be just as easily solved as they were for Audrey.