Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Look Whooo Is 14 Months Old!!

This sweetie pie is now 14 months old! The big picture pretty much sums up her goofy, look-at-me personality! I had her dressed super cute for church (which was amazing considering my morning had started out ridiculously rough with cooking breakfast for our ABF, Michel was gone at work, Ninja brought a live bird in the house, and I was trying to get myself ready while capturing this stupid bird)...anyways, somehow we made it out the door looking put together, and somewhat on time. So once we got home, I wanted to take her picture. She LOVES sitting outside in the grass, so we played outside for a little bit.

I can now take her grocery shopping with me. I haven't done it ever before because she HATED the grocery cart so much, but now that she can sit up and see everything she's totally happy. She also has to talk to every. single. person we see. She'll call out in some way to get their attention, and when they look at her, she smiles a big smile and waves at them. It's pretty cute. I even chose to take her with me to Wal-Mart this morning even though Michel was at home because she enjoys it so much. I also buy her a cookie at Subway and that girl eats the entire thing! So she gets a treat while shopping, and I get a happy baby. Total win-win! While we were standing in line to pay, I got stuck in one of those lines that didn't move for 15 minutes, and after we were standing for just about 5 minutes, Audrey started fussing at me and signing "all done." Haha!!! It was cute! I love that she understands how to use her signs now, and it gave her a way of telling me what she wanted, but sadly, we were not all done, and I still had to pay. Anyways, onto her skills (I've started keeping lists so that I won't forget anything):

Weight: 19lbs 11oz

Length/head circ: No idea

Teeth: 8 total - 4 on top and 4 on bottom

Sleep: 1 nap a day. Sometimes she'll only sleep for an hour. Other days she sleeps for 3! You never know. She sleeps about 11 1/2 - 13 hours at night, though. She'll do 11 1/2 if she's napped really well that day, and 13 hours if she didn't nap well, so it all evens out!

Eating: She eats 3 times a day and gets a PM snack. Her favorite foods are cheese quesadillas, apple cinnamon Nutri Grain bars, cinnamon toast, macaroni and cheese, pretty much all vegetables, and anything that I'm eating :)

Clothes: Still 9-12m/12m and some 9m things. It depends on the brand as to what size she needs.

New Achievements of the Month:
1. Does actions for The Wheels on the Bus without needing to see an adult do them first. The ones she does are: Wheels on the bus, doors go open and shut, windows go up and down
2. Can sign the following without a model: more, all-done, microwave; signs the following after seeing adult model: cracker, cookie, milk (cutest sign ever on her little hands!), and cheese
3. Can label the following items/pictures independently: goat, cow, carrot, puppy, bath, diaper, kitty, washrag, duck, baby (only in reference to her baby doll though), cowboy (in a book), bat (also in a book), Granddaddy (Mom, you'll have to tell Dad that she tries to say his name when she sees a picture)
4. When asked, "What does a cow say?" she'll answer with "Moo."
5. When talking about the wind, she'll start making blowing sounds (yesterday on our way to MOPS I was carrying her in the church, and said, "It's windy today," and she started blowing! She's too cute!)
6. Actions she does on command: run/exercise (she does the same motion as when she's dancing), shakes her finger when she hears you say, "no, no, no," stomp feet, kick, clap, wave

1. Lights (she loves looking at the Christmas lights at Wal-Mart)
2. Ceiling fans
3. Reading
4. Having people do whatever she wants :)
5. Cookies
6. Ice cream

1. Not getting her own way - this hasn't changed at all from last month!

She's so much fun! I think we're raising a little diva, though! :)